Do you have plans to expand your business in Europe? If you would like to start immediately with an existing client base, branding, expert stuff, then we can help you!

In the Netherlands there are many company owners who own successful businesses but there are no successors due to their inheritors who prefer other careers. If you have a desire to own a stable company, we can introduce you to these company owners.

We work on “no deal, no pay” base, your success is our success! We are there from the beginning of your first contact, through negotiations and even after your acquisition. Our mission is to provide the best service and guidance through this process.



A simple process that involves an assessment to determine the type of your business and what you are seeking. Once you have sign the engagement letter, we will begin the search for the best matches in the Netherlands and Europe. A shortlist of the potential candidates will be presented to you. If any of them meets your demands, then an introductory meeting is arranged.


We work on “no deal, no pay” base. The payment is based on a small percentage of the sell price of the company. The percentage is dependent of the total value of the transaction:the bigger the value, the smaller the percentage.


Katerina Israel, Business Operations Director
Katerina is a professional who has a wide range of experiences in law, corporate finance and tax. She has worked for Philips, Rabobank and BDO.

katerina.israel (at) katanna.eu
+31 6 29124986

Anna Elferink, Business Development Director
Anna is a professional with more than 20 years advising companies on their global expansion and international business development.

anna.elferink (at) katanna.eu
+31 6 18782987